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Anabolic Beatz is one of U.Ks upcoming super producers. He began playing the piano at the age of 9 where he would always play famous hip hop melodies – until he started creating his own style. By the age of 16, Anabolic Beatz was making his own beats and recording them – with anything he could find.

By his late 20s, Anabolic Beatz had mastered his craft as a producer but it wasn’t until his early 30s that he started his YouTube channel.

Today, Anabolic Beatz is one of Youtube’s most prominent hip hop & rap producer. His channel has grown with a massive 520,000 subscribers and his music instrumentals have over 200,000,000 Million views!

In early 2021, Anabolic Beatz signed a record deal & management with APOC & multi-platinum selling record label Palm Tree Entertainment.

You can connect with him on YouTube.

Recording Artist & Entrepreneur Karan Exclusive is responsible for the success behind many of your favorite artists.

In 2016, Karan Exclusive was the first Brazilian rapper to be signed to Soulja Boy’s manager and record label Palm Tree Entertainment.

During this time, Karan Exclusive also built a marketing agency that would revolutionize digital marketing and help artists gain leverage and the right exposure.

His agency has helped artists and celebrities build & launch global campaigns, grow their social media and streams, go viral and more. Up to date, Exclusive Marketing Agency has artists and  businesses reach over 8,000,000 Million Followers and over 10,000,000 Million Music Streams.

In addition to helping artists succeed, Karan has remained very active in the entertainment world and amassing over 720,000 fans across social media platforms. From launching fashion brands to traveling the world touring and performing his unreleased music to world famous Esports tournaments and fashion events, Karan is everywhere!

You can connect with him on instagram.

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