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10 Ways Rappers Can Use Free Rap Beats To Build An Audience

10 quick tips on how rappers can use free rap beats to grow their audience


Rappers are always needing for new ways to build their fan base and in this post we’ll give you some tips on how free rap beats can help you grow your fanbase and help you decide which rap beats is the best rap instrumental for you!


One of the best things they can do is use free rap beats to create music and videos, which then get uploaded and shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


This gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent in a way that will be noticed by potential fans all over the world.



Spotify: How The Money Flows

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1. Find free rap beats you like (or purchase one if you have enough money)



Record and get your project ready. Make sure you have your free instrumental engineered, mixed and masted if you can – this will make the whole project sound better.


Now you have your rap song ready.

2. Plan What To Do With The Free Beat


Plan your song release before releasing your music in every platform.


Ask yourself these questions:


💡 Who is your audience?

💡 What visuals would help you communicate your message?

💡 Who can you reach out to play your music? (Any bloggers, playlist curators, content creators, clubs, etc?)



3. Take Action


If you took action during phase 2, you should have a list of names, places and emails to reach out to get your music out. (Make sure you are not violating any license agreement if you are using free rap beats. Rap beats instrumentals have different licenses, but you can always contact the producer and share your project ideas with him if you’re not sure).


During the “take action” phase of your song release, you want to mobilize your team, your crew, your friends and which ever resources you have available to reach as many listeners as effectively as possible.


Send out those emails, make those calls, drive to venues, make your song be hard.



4. Spotify Playlists


If you can use the free beats on Spotify, you would definitely want to upload it there. Make sure you upload at least a month before the release date, this way you give them enough time to potentially place you in one of their playlists. This can be huge for your song – and your rap career.

5. Hashtags


Whenever you are posting on social media, make sure to be using the right hashtags. If you use hashtags that are too big and your account isn’t receiving lots of engagement, your post will likely not go viral.


Do some research, look for hashtags that interest your audience, represents your music but that don’t have huge volumes. If you aim for a hashtag that is “reasonable” for your account size/ engagement, you will have better chances of hitting the explore page on that hashtag and reaching a larger audience.


Remember, you want to always be maximizing everything you do as an artist. There are tons of amazing free rap beats you can use online and there are hundreds of millions of active users you can reach.



6. Build Your Story


Leverage social media to your advantage.


Make sure you have a great bio. Cover all the necessary points, be unique and have a content posting strategy and include your managements’ contacts.


Things to consider:


💡 Who are you as an artist?

💡 Why should your fans be interested in you?

💡 How can you show them that you are unique?

💡 What color scheme reflects your brand best?

💡 What is your brand known for?

💡 Did you realize you are a brand?


7. Focus


After releasing your project – whether or not you are using free rap beats or beats that you bought, you should be focusing on the big picture. What’s the next move?


If you are using free rap beats, you may have limitations in what you can do with the song – in terms of performance and things that would lead to monetization. If you are in that scenario, you can either try purchasing the rap instrumental or moving on to a new project and building a fanbase as you drop newer and newer tracks.


There is no right or wrong way. It’s all about strategy, opportunities and the current state of your career.


If you are completely new, dropping songs to build a buzz around your name and to build your network is a great way to go.

If you are in a position where you can monetize from your song, then you would want to focus on getting your songs played on clubs, venues and of course – performing.

Reach out to local clubs, venues, promoters and make sure you arrive with a plan!

It’s a lot easier to get yourself booked if you arrive prepared.


8. Listen To the Feedback


After every song, as a rap artist you have the opportunity to learn more about your fans, your craft and yourself. Pay attention to the feedback, pay attention to the opportunities and learn after every single time you drop new music.


Here are some questions after releasing new music on new rap beats:


💡 How did your audience react to your latest drop?

💡 Was the song a success?

💡 Did the song perform the way you expected?

💡 Did your audience compliment your lyrics, your flow, the beat?

💡 How did the club owners, promoters, playlist curators, bloggers and everyone else react to your music?

💡 Was there anything you didn’t plan for?

💡 Is there anything you could have done that would have make your song more successful?


Ask yourself these questions, so that after every song you release, regardless if you buy the beats or if you record over a free rap beat. As long as you are growing as an artist, building a solid fan base and learning from every opportunity – you’ll be very likely to go far.


9. Best Rap Beats


Free rap beats give you the opportunity to figure out which rap instrumental works best for you. If you’re still in the process of building a fanbase, why not try different styles? Sometimes you find yourself in the music, you know?


After assessing all the knowledge, feedback and outcome from your social media videos (hopefully they went viral!), all the input from bloggers, and any feedback from playlist curators, clubs, etc.


Hopefully by now you a deeper understanding of your fanbase (and a larger one too), and now you know what works and what doesn’t work. Remember to focus on what matters. If anything – hashtags, videos, a certain outreach email, whatever it may be – if anything worked well on your last drop, try to double down and keep improving the things that work.


10. Free Rap Beats


As you can see, nothing is free. Free beats can turn into profitable album releases and life long careers.


The best part about using free rap beats and instrumentals is that you as an artist have creative freedom


✅ Use that freedom to freestyle over different beats or to write rap songs to different audiences.


✅ Explore good beats and find the perfect hip hop instrumental for your project. Build a solid strategy before releasing your music and have an active outreach planned out.


✅ Make sure to learn from your mistakes and maximize on what works.



Remember to always leverage the Internet and social media.



Team AnabolicBeats!  


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