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Guide to Get Music Fans

Get More Music Fans

Music Fans, Why you don't have more fans and how to fix it!


In our goal to help you reach new heights in your music career, we are building actionable steps to help you get more music fans, more Spotify song placements, help you manage and grow your brand – while consistently releasing new beats for our community.

Why we can help you get more music fans?

Before we get started, let’s explain who we are and why you should listen.

We work every day helping new artists and celebrities on various projects.

Our marketing agency works with artists in Sony, Republic Records, Universal, to name a few.

We have helped artist go viral and gain over 5,000,000 followers and over 10,000,000 music streams!


The advice we’re sharing isn’t  some “random” music blog trying to get clicks.

We work in this industry every single day and our agency handles some of the biggest names in hip hop today.

We just feel this is an important piece of information, because we have helped hundreds of artists and we know a lot of the questions you guys have, the issues you’re facing and we have a lot of the answers!


More Music Fans? How? Where do we from here?


Instead of writing a lot of “hypothetical” scenarios and basically writing a book, let’s jump right in.

After all – you want to get more music fans and get your song in more playlists – and not read an unnecessarily huge post.

Let’s begin by assessing where you are and where you want to go.

The first thing you need to understand to get more music fans is your brand image and value delivery.


Brand Image for Music Artists


What is your brand about?

A lot of clients want fans supporting their music and they want to get tons of plays but let’s be honest, have you even thought about your brand?

And if you did, do you have the some of the answers? You see, just thinking about your brand image isn’t enough.

If you want to gain organic followers and convert them into fans of your music than you got to have some sort of strategy to go about this.

Who is your ideal audience?

Keep in mind, the fans you get and the fans you want may not always be the same.

Don’t ignore the fans you have to chase the fans you “want”. – I hope this makes sense at this point in your career.

Now, back to your audience. Who will resonate with your music?

Which group of people will become your music fans and a fan of your style (ranging from the way you dress to your interests and hobbies).

What is your audience interested in?

Think both straight forward and broad. Are they interested in a certain sport? Which team? What’s the teams color?

Where are your fans based? Are there any current topics that interest them?

Any events they attend or are likely to be interested in?

What activities do you do that your fans would be interested in?

What in your life is interesting and would peak the curiosity of your music fans – or the target audience you want to become your fans.

What we want here is to make you think about your entire brand image

Who are you as an artist? What sets you apart? What can fans expect from you?

Who is your target audience for your music?

What kind of content can you create that would engage your audience?

What is your brand message? What do you stand for or represent?

What brands do you want to partner with in the future?

Thinking about these points will help you answer a lot of questions.

It’ll help you get more music fans because it will help you know better which content to create.

For example what kind of posts to make, how to create hype for your new songs, how to position yourself and how to begin creating an effective marketing strategy for your music career.

Why music artists don’t get enough fans


Most artists starting out needs to get more fans but miss most of these points!

Seriously, you would be surprised how many bad habits artists have.

Another issue is that a lot of career changing decisions are counter intuitive.

If nobody tells you there are better ways to get better results cheaper and faster – odds are you’re probably following “your logic” and doing your best when you release new music but the results are most likely not what you would have wanted them to be.

Ask yourself, how can people support your brand and music, if you don’t even know what you’re about..

Okay, enough with that for now. Just remember, if you don’t understand your image and don’t plan the content – you’re not likely to succeed.

Social Media Fans for Artists

 As a rapper, just like any artist, social media plays a huge role.

Social media fans have been the key to the success of tons of upcoming rappers so it makes sense that organic social media followers should be one of your focuses as an artists.

Here are some truths about growing your fans on Instagram and other social media platforms – Content is King… sort of.

Let’s begin with some simple truths..

Nobody wants to follow someone who is ordinary. If you’re posting low quality pictures, random pictures from your phone and “just posting” because you felt like it.. STOP. That’s going to get you nowhere.

Some of our clients sometimes just “post” because they felt the need to or because they felt it’s been too many days without posting.

In one end, yes. Always be consistent with your content. You want your fans to constantly be reminded of you – the right way.

On the other end, NO! If you don’t have anything useful to post or anything that complements your brand or the work you’re doing, than why post?

That’s how you destroy your brand and bored your audience.

In all honesty, artists are sometimes “selfish” when posting. They think “me, me, me” and want everyone to support their work.

Try a different approach. Reverse engineer content that your target audience likes – a mix of content that’s going viral and posts that perform well in the hip hop community.

When posting keep these things in mind:

You want to create an authentic look and feeling for your account.

Look into posting styles and edits schemes, make sure you have a logo or an avatar, make sure your profile bio looks right and most all, make sure you look like a professional.

Avoid “local artist” or a bunch of useless info on your bio. Look at successful artists, do their bio look like yours?

If not, you may want to consider updating.

  • Okay, by now you should have thought about your brand image, your target audience and the type of content you will begin to create & post.

Engaging You Fans

Okay, full disclosure, we love and hate this one. Engaging your audience is super important but if you’re starting out that may not be a reality.

Let’s be honest, even if you have 10,000 followers, odds are they aren’t hardcore fans yet so expecting them to engage in any meaningful way is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Either way, to get more fans you want to reply to comments, when you get new followers go engage with their posts and comment on their content as well.

When you’re live, make sure you engage with your fans!

Seriously.. too many artists just ignore comments and follower engagement.

Why? You worked so hard to gain them, don’t waste it!

  • When you have enough fans, you can get creative and do giveaways, challenges and all types of fun stuff.

One major change you can do right now that will have a huge impact in your social media is how you use your social media!

No, no, we’re not trying to be funny – remember, I personally own a marketing agency.

We see this all the time and as soon as our clients do what we’re about to tell you – they see positive results.

Instead of engaging with celebrities and meme accounts and doing whatever it is that you do on social media.. Try engaging with your target audience!

Nobody got famous by commenting or tagging their songs on another artist page.

Don’t waste time liking all those thirsty pictures.

Spend time focusing on you and your fans.

Engage with users that support other rappers and hip hop accounts.

They are likely to become fans of your music – if you planned your content and deliver something interesting!

Social Media Growth Tips

Here are some quick tips to get you started growing the right way on social media:

  1. Have a good profile picture/ avatar/ cartoon /anime or logo.
  2. Make sure you have a professional looking bio. Include mgmt., contact info and a one liner to capture your audience.
  3. Have a posting strategy and post consistently.
  4. Develop a posting style (colors, visuals, edits, brand colors, etc.).
  5. Use the right hashtags! We’ll talk more about social media marketing in another post.
  6. Engage with your audience and use your social media account smart (engage with your target audience, stop chasing people on their DMs and engaging with accounts that won’t see your engagement!).
  7. Build relationships. Support other industry accounts, overtime they’ll probably support you too.
  8. Make sure you keep things interesting! Nobody follows “regular” people. If people wanted to see regular things, they would probably look at their friends social media and not yours. If they followed you, they probably expect something from you. What is it? Can you deliver them the type of content they expect?
  9. Use your stories every day! Stories are a great way for your account to jump right to the top of their profile. IG stories provide a great way for you to connect with your fans and to show different sides of you – you can share your music, memes, pictures, charities, events, other posts.. get creative. I use stories a lot to convert followers into fans.

By now you should start to see the big picture – gaining organic fans for your music takes planning, constant work but it’s not as impossible as some would make it look like.

If you fixed everything we mentioned so far, your artist social media profile should be in a pretty good spot – and ready for the next steps.

Next steps? Yeah.. I mean, you didn’t get tons of fans yet, did you?

Okay, so what do we do now?

The answer is easy and complicated.

If you have done everything above, you should have your IG or social media account looking professional, you should have a good brand image and creative content that resonates with your fanbase.

Great! So what am I missing?.. Well the fans  😂

Well it’s not really funny, but there is no magic solution here.

I know, you probably wanted some magic answer, but like I said, we’re here to help you and bsing like every other post isn’t going to help anyone.

So how can we get more organic followers?

There are a lot of ways! I said there is no magic solution, I never said there wasn’t solutions to this.

There are many ways to grow your music fanbase and we’re going to dive-in right now.

Just remember, before we talked about the “how”, we needed to fix the image, the brand, the posting and build a marketing strategy.

Again, without these things you’re not really being effective.

Even if you reached the right audience, they wouldn’t convert and become fans unless your image matches their expectations or peaks their curiosity.

Gaining Instagram Followers for Artists

One of the most effective methods you can do for free was already explained but I’ll put more emphasis in case you missed it.

Engage with people who would be interested in your content.

Like and comment on their posts.

If you engage with like 500 people a day, you will probably get at least 20-30 followers a day.

I know, it sounds like it’s not enough – because it isn’t, but it’s a start and it’s free.

Also as an artist you need to think in terms of the “compound effect”. If you’re getting 30 followers a day, in 10 days that’s 300 new followers and in 1 year that’s 10,950 followers.

Did you notice this one strategy already put you at nearly 11,000 organic followers in one year without spending a dime on marketing?

I know.. You’re welcome.

Keep in mind, this is just one method.

If you’ve been rapping for 2 years, this method would have gotten you at least 25,000 followers up to now (we hope by now you can see how the follower count will quickly increase when you start adding other strategies).

Another less effective strategy is to do shoutouts for shoutouts.

Basically finding a page of similar size and in the same industry and sharing their posts and content with your fanbase and in return they do the same.

In some cases this can help you get your music exposed to different markets and an audience that would love your music.

On the other hand, this strategy doesn’t usually bring too many followers and if you do this with accounts that aren’t really known, odds are you are just hurting your own brand.

So be cautious with who you decide to do shoutouts with.

Now let’s move on to paid strategies. The truth is, there is a lot you can do for free, but that quickly comes to an end.

Beyond a certain point you need money to get things to the next level (Unless you’re lucky and go viral randomly, you will need to invest in your career).

Social Media Marketing Ads for Music Artists


There are tons of ads campaigns and even more ways to go about them.

We will focus on gaining organic followers for this post – but keep in mind that a lot of these strategies are very useful for when you’re releasing new music.

We’ll cover them again when we talk about marketing your music.

One of the best ways to grow your Instagram with organic followers by thousands and hundreds of thousands is with celebrity giveaways.

Yeah, you probably seen them around on Instagram and the truth is they work!

Here is there silver lining – they work if you make it work.

You’ll absolutely “grow overnight” with tens of thousands of organic followers, but it’s on you to convert them into fans.

Other ways to grow your social media fanbase would be to run ads on social media.

This part gets tricky, because you can’t run ads for people to “follow” you on Instagram so you have to get a bit more creative if you want people to follow you from ads campaigns.

  • Note, when running ads, you want to capture their email address. This way every dollar spent on ads has a higher ROI when you capture their email. By collecting emails, you can build a mailing list to stay in contact with your audience.
  • Mailing lists are a great way to deliver value to your fans over time, sale merch, let them know when and where you have upcoming shows and to drive traffic and sales to your music every time you release something new.

When you’re running ads campaigns (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google Ads) you want to have an action call. Ask them to take action.

Usually it’s best to offer a “lead magnet” to your audience in exchange for their email.

For example when you run ads offer a free song download or a meet and greet at a show – in exchange for their email address.

Keep in mind, you can send them the link to your Instagram and Spotify in an email.

  • Remember, your emails should deliver value to your fans! Don’t just email them with “me, me, me” or “share this link, like my song, play this song and share”… Don’t do that. Make sure to deliver some type of value to your fans and build a relationship with them.

TikTok and Challenges


You knew we couldn’t leave TikTok and Challenges out the list!

If you’re looking to expose your music to a huge audience and trigger tons of attention your way, sponsoring TikTok stars and doing challenges can be highly effective.

I hope by now you can see a certain relationship between your brand, the content you create and post, your strategies and your target audience (your fans).

Depending on your brand you’d pick a specific type of “TikTok star” or a certain type of challenge.

The point here is that you need to have enough insight into your brand image and strategy to be able to assess which type of campaign would be best for you and your career at a specific point.

Also make sure you pick influencers who have an audience that would be interested in you and someone that preferably posts content that is somewhat related to what you post.

If you go too far off from the mark, their audience may not “resonate” with you and you’ll spend a lot of money for little to no results.

There are tons of strategies on how to grow your fanbase and they’re all “good” depending on why and how you use these strategies.

Right now we wanted to point you in the right direction to begin gaining more fans as a music artist and we hope this post has helped.

In future posts we’ll cover other marketing strategies for artists and we’ll go more in depth in some of the strategies mentioned and others that haven’t been mentioned yet.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Please feel free to DM on Instagram


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