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License Rap Beats

License Beats

License Rap Beats are straight forward. We offer a variety of rap beats licenses to match the scope of your project.

License free rap beats can be used for non-commercial purposes. If you plan to use your music commercially and profiting in any sort of way, picking one of the beats licenses below should cover any of your needs.

Basic Lease  is a great choice if you are beginning your career and want to record professional music with the rights to upload your music on video and audio streaming platforms and make up to 5,000 unit sales.

Premium Lease gives you untagged WAV and allows you to sell up to 15,000 units and 250,000 video and audio streams!

Professional Lease gives you the WAV and Trackout, and allows you to sell up to 1 Million units and 10 Million in audio and video streams!

Unlimited Lease unlocks the full potential. You get UNLIMITED sales, video and audio streams.

We try to keep licenses as simple as possible. We know as a rapper you have a million things to focus on and we are here to be part of the solution – not the problem.

If at any point you are unsure which beats license is best for your project, please contact us and we’ll gladly help you!

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