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10 Ways To Promote Spotify Song

10 Ways To Promote Spotify Song


Learn 10 simple and powerful ways to promote Spotify songs and grow your audience.


Most artists go online, find a rap or trap beat they want, buy the beat or lease the instrumental and record. Afterwards, we go and film music videos and all the other visual drops – and what?


Check this Spotify video on how playlists impacted Khalid’s career 


How To Promote Your Spotify Song And Reach More Listeners?


If you are a musician feeling stuck without knowing how to promote your song on Spotify, in this post we’ll cover 10 ways you can promote your Spotify song and reach more people with your music.


1. Pick the Right Digital Music Distributor to promote Spotify songs


Make sure to pick the right digital music distributor for your project. There are tons of options out there for rappers, ranging from CDBaby, TuneCore, DistroKid and others.


Make sure you check the fees and royalties they charge, this way you can make the best informed decision.


2. Verify Your Spotify Artist Account


Verifying your Spotify Artist account will help you gain traction and visibility on Spotify in many ways.


Getting verified on Spotify is fairly easy and straight-forward. Some services like CDBaby, Distrokid or Ditto. Some music distribution services will even verify you if you use them to distribute your music singles or album. Again, do your research on which software / service to use when you distribute your music.


3. Brand Image


Customize your Spotify artist profile! Add images (3 or more), write a professional bio, create and feature playlists, and more.


Think about it this way, Spotify sends users to your Artist Page.. They don’t want users to have a poor experience or run into an incomplete profile. This will probably trigger a higher bounce rate from your page and eventually lead Spotify to stop sending traffic to your Artist Profile.


4. Plan Ahead & Playlist Pitch


Planning ahead as a music artist isn’t just smart, it’s an absolute necessity.


When you plan ahead to promote Spotify songs, you are able to do a lot more for your music. The most obvious benefit that most artists should know is that Spotify needs at least 2-3 weeks to place your song in playlists.


What does this mean for you as a rap artist?


Simple! If you want the best odds for your next rap or trap song to be placed on Spotify playlists, you got to upload your song at least 2-3 weeks before the release date.


This gives Spotify time to review your song and place them on their playlists. Keep in mind, if they want 2-3 weeks, you may want to actually send your songs 4 to 6 weeks ahead.


Remember, if you want to get the most out of your songs than make sure you understand the platform you’re trying to promote it on, follow their guidelines and optimize your content whenever possible.


5. Playlist Pitch To Independent Curators


In 2021, the possibilities for organic outreach are virtually endless! Independent playlists are basically any playlist that is not curated by Spotify and their team.


You can find independent playlist curators in different ways. Here we will name a few ways to help you get the ball going.


  1. Search Google and other search engines
  2. Search social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  3. Search for music niched groups (on social media)
  4. Search for blogs and industry content creators
  5. Hire a marketing agency


These 5 examples of how you can find playlist curators are not the only way. Please remember, we are only using examples to help you get the ball going!


6. Radio Station Placement: Promote Spotify Song


Similar to our 5th advice above, you could and should pitch your new song to radio stations!


Remember, the better you plan and the smarter you are – the better the results you’ll receive.  


What do we mean?


Simple, begin by planning who you will message and how you will message them.


If you are targeting a major radio network you may want to use a different pitch than if you are approaching a College radio station.


Make different lists segmenting different radio stations. Your list can be segmented into radio stations near you and others further way. Government, public and independent radio stations and so on.

When you promote Spotify songs on smaller radio stations and playlists, they may not bring immediately millions of Spotify streams to your song but they do add up!

The more playlists and radio stations that play your music, the more you’ll grow. Remember, every station and every playlist matters when it comes to maximizing ways to promote Spotify songs!


Ideally, the reason why you are segmenting them is because you can find similarities between the lists and make email templates and customize them for each station.


This should make your outreach process faster and easier, and ideally help get your song placed in tons of radio stations across the country!


7. TikTok


TikTok is huge a huge opportunity for artists to promote their Spotify song. The platform has nearly 700 million active users – that’s a huge potential for your music.


We all know Tiktok videos are silly and every other week there are tons of people going viral overnight on TikTok (sort of..).


Keep this in mind! With so much success and viral moments being shared on TikTok, you should reach out to TikTok influencers and ask them to do a challenge or dance to your song!


Keep in mind, the more successful the TikTok account, the more you may have to negotiate with them to post your video. If you can, try sponsoring their videos – most TikTok influencers will be open to that and it can be a cheap way to get your music heard by hundreds of thousands – if not millions of people!


8. Instagram


Yes, you guessed it right, Instagram! We bet you knew this was going to be on our list. Instagram is an incredibly powerful social network platform for musicians and artists. Specially rappers!


Instagram has millions of active users and the platform has huge accounts with millions of engagement in just about any niche – however we will focus on hip hop, rap, fashion and pop culture.


Why focus on those accounts? To be honest, odds are your audience will be interested in those topics.


Key Point to consider:


Who is your audience?


Who is your music for?


What interests does your audience share?


Knowing what your audience is interested in enables you to create targeted content that speaks and connects to them – the right way.


Now that you know what kind of content to make, get creative with how you incorporate your music into your posts.


This can range from simply showing your lifestyle – with your music playing to posting your music video on Instagram.


Other methods to market yourself on Instagram includes reaching out to hip hop and rap niched accounts – from artist to industry news to memes, if they have an audience that fits your demographic than they may be worth looking into.


Once you find “big” accounts that have an audience you believe would appreciate your music, just reach out to them. Yes, it’s that simple.


Things to consider:


A lot of accounts will not want to post your music or video for free. If you have a budget, it will be a lot easier to get bigger accounts reposting your music.


Make sure there is a bigger picture behind promoting your music. What is your goal? How will this actually help you move your career forward? Stay focused!


9. Facebook To Promote Your Music


Let’s keep things simple. You should have a fan page, if you don’t – make sure to make one. Also, if you have a website make sure to add Facebook pixels and Google Analytics (You’ll thank us later!).


Facebook can feel overwhelming, especially if you start listening to all the advice out there. Keep it simple, share your posts in music related groups and ask your friends if they can support you by sharing your post as well.


*Note: Please make sure you create a good post. Yes, we all know artists who spam posts with horrible flyers. Don’t be one of those artists.


The other method is to use Facebook Ads to promote your music. This is a very good strategy, but it does require some experience using Facebook Ads or hiring a professional.


10. Hire A Professional Marketing Agency


Wait, what? Yes! You read it right. This is a business, this isn’t a hobby. You are a business (we hope) and as such, you need all the competitive advantages you can find.


A huge mistake artists make is trying to be everything or worst, let others (unqualified) to handle important aspects of their career.

Release music online shouldn’t be the job for your friend. Filming your music video shouldn’t be handled by a random friend with a camera. Rap beats, engineering, managing and marketing are components to an artist success and if you work with and leave your career in the hands of people who never achieved the success you want… well.. how can you even know if you’re in the right path?


Honestly, don’t overlook this part. Artists too often surround themselves with people who got “dreams”, but do they really have the skills you need to go to the next level?


If you’re an artist, odds are you are not focusing all your time and energy into building campaigns and creating the highest converting marketing campaigns. Right? If so, then what are you doing trying to create your own marketing campaign? It doesn’t make sense does it?


If your music is so important you took the time and money to create an EP or album, is it fair to yourself that you release the music without any marketing strategy and promotional support? Probably not.


If you want the best results, you want to work with professionals. Don’t be afraid of the costs, you are always in control. In life, we often say “I can’t do this” or “I can’t afford that”.. but have you ever researched? You may be surprised to discover that everything you needed is right in front of you!



If you have any questions or comments on how to promote Spotify songs or anything else related to music, feel free to contact us.


We look forward to helping you make great music and grow your audience!


Team AnabolicBeatz

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